Adopt an Artist

Adopt an Artist bannerIntroducing a new way to be a part of a Pallas Theatre Collective production

Bring a production to life by adopting an artist from our 2017 season! Adoptions begin at $100 and are a tax-deductible contribution to Pallas Theatre Collective. Your adoption supports the artist for the rehearsal process and all performances, and is a unique way to sustain the work of an individual performer, designer, or director.

Individually supporting one of the artists from Crazy Mary Lincoln or Assassins will help us continue to employ some of the most talented theatre professionals in the Washington, DC area.

By adopting one of our artists, you will receive…

  • Your name and which artist you are sponsoring listed on our website and in our program
  • Two complimentary tickets to the production’s “Adopt an Artist Appreciation Night” (date to be determined), where you can meet with your adopted artist, as well as the other cast members and production staff
  • Exclusive updates throughout the rehearsal process to see how your adopted artist prepares for production

You can sponsor an artist on a variety of levels…

  • Crazy Mary Lincoln: Zach Brewster-Geisz, Christine Callsen, Amy Conley, Will Hawkins, Madeleine Adele Koon, Garrett Matthews, Christian Rohde, Annette Mooney Wasno
  • AssassinsChristine Callsen, Brendan McMahon, Jenna Murphy, Camryn Shegogue, Mason Catharini

  •  Crazy Mary Lincoln: Melynda Burdette (Mary Todd Lincoln), Russell Silber (Robert Todd Lincoln), Erin Granfield (Mary Harlan Lincoln), Brevan Collins (Tad Collins), Ayla Collins (Mamie Collins)
  • AssassinsAndrew Keller (John Wilkes Booth)Nathan Beary Blustein (Lee Harvey Oswald), Will Hawkins (Balladeer), Zach Brewster-Geisz (Charles Guiteau), Tyler Cramer (Sam Byck), Karen Lange (Sarah Jane Moore), Alex Palting (Squeaky Fromme), Taylor Rieland (John Hinckley)

Music Director: $250 (CLAIMED)

  • Crazy Mary Lincoln: Jay Schwandt
  • Assassins: Alex Thompson

  • Tracey Elaine Chessum (Director, Crazy Mary Lincoln)
  • Clare Shaffer (Director, Assassins)

Adopt a Composer/Creator: $1000 (CLAIMED)

  • Jay Schwandt, Jan Levy Tranen (Creators, Crazy Mary Lincoln)

Artists whose names are in red have already been adopted. Questions? Email Tracey at